Notable efficacy for an off-the-shelf immunotherapy[1][2]

TECVAYLI (teclistamab) demonstrated notable efficacy for an off-the-shelf immunotherapy, with 59.4% of patients achieving VGPR or better[1]

  • After 23 months of follow-up, ORR was 63%[1]
  • 45.5% patients achieved CR [1]
  • 81.5% of MRD evaluable patients achieve MRD negativity at any point[1]
  • The median time to first response was 1.2 months (range: 0.2–5.5), and the median time to achieved ≥CR was 4.6 months (range: 1.6-18.5)[1]

Overall response rate[1]

ORR across patient populations[4][3]

Efficacy was consistent regardless of cytogenetic risk or extent of prior therapy refractoriness[4][3]

Adapted from Moreau et al. 2022[3]

*del(17p), t(4;14) and/or t(14;16)[3]
**≥1 PI, ≥1 IMiD and ≥1 anti-CD38 mAb[3]
†≥2 PI, ≥2 IMiD and ≥1 anti-CD38 mAb[3]
^Median follow up of 14.1 months

Progression-free survival[1]

Median FU:23 months


Duration of response[1]

Median FU:23 months

Duration of response

Overall survival[1]

Median FU:23 months


For further information regarding TECVAYLI including full indications, all adverse effects and data please refer to the Israeli MOH prescribing information:!/byDrug

The data in this presentation is based on published clinical studies, please see references at the bottom of the slides/throughout the presentation.

CP-412257 - November 2023